Courses / Subjects Offered

We provide a solid foundation to students who are reaching their full potential and are on their way to making a difference in the world.

 Students are advised to always search through the internet and see if any of the textbooks they are interested in are free to downloaded online. Make sure you are getting your free textbooks online from a legal website and the website has the right to offer the textbook free for download.
Another good way to buy a cheap textbook is to ask students in your school who are currently done with the subject and are moving to the next upper class if any of them will be interested to offer their textbook for sale.

Working with Parents

Working with Parents is the strategy we adopt in achieving our mission as an institution ordained by God. We believe every child's success is linked to high level of commitment from the school and a strong partnership with Parents.
We encourage our parents to get involved in the academic and social life of the children, through involvement in school events and initiatives. Such initiatives include our learning development programmes, extra curricular activities and sport activities. Our parents are referred to as OUR PARTNERS, we welcome and respect the diversity they offer and the support they give to the school.

What we do ?

Our aim is to give your child quality education at very affordable cost. So if you are interested in giving your child quality education of this modern age, please contact us.  We provide the best learning environment, tools and personnel, for preparing the mind and body of the young in meeting tomorrow's challenges