Welcome to WISDOM BASED SCHOOLS, Gowon Estate Egbeda Lagos.

I am pleased to introduce our school to you and explain the vision for the education of our scholars. It should start a conversation and process which will see your child well supported in coming to Wisdom Based Schools. After more than twenty years as an educationist and a father, I know how important a school is that offers quality learning with high expectations. I am passionate and committed to maintaining the ethos and traditions of Wisdom Based Schools, whilst ensuring the school continues to provide quality all round 21st century experiences. Our motto is 'Committed to higher Academic Fulfilments' and that, we shall continue to uphold.

We run our Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary and Secondary School in accordance with the Lagos State Ministry of Education provision in line with the UBE programme and registered by Corporate Affair Commission, Abuja, as Wisdom based Schools.

Our mission statement is to build the child for exploit. Including, bringing out the talents and aspirations of individual child to light, instill into the child a sense of discipline and responsibility, also to make the child spiritually and morally upright, and above all to prepare the child towards inevitable role in leadership of tomorrow.

We hope and expect that this season will be a wonderful and exciting session for your child. We are absolutely confident that our educational approach will allow your child twelcome_buildingo appreciate fully the wonders and excitements of education with this special method reserved for them.
Our Methods makes the child to experience the Joy of Learning;

Learning to make discoveries;

Learning to love;

Learning to be independent;

Learning to be self confident;

Learning to be disciplined;

Learning with fun; and above all

Learning to gain full concentration etc.

More so we cater for slow learners making them to have a sense of belonging and the full joy of learning.

We believe education is a partnership between school, parents and the child..  Proceed

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