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•Admission to Kindergarten and Play group
Admission to the Kindergaton and Play group is determined by age and through an assessment of the pupil. Child must be between the ages 1 and half + and 3years old.

Admission to Nursery
Admission to Nursery is determined by the age and through an assessment of the applicant’s readiness for the class curriculum.

Applicants must be between 3 and 5years.

•Admission to Basic 1
Admission to first grade is determined by age, readiness and WBS admissions assessment.
Applicants must be 5 and 6years

•Admission to basics 2 - 6
Admission to the Basic 2 to 6 is based on previous school records and WBS admissions assessment results. WBS has the right to place pupils in appropriate Class based on previous academic records, admissions assessment results and age.



•Admission to Junior Secondary School

Admission to Wisdom Based College in JSS 1 to JSS3 is based on previous school records and Wisdom Based College entrance examination results.

Age between 9 and 13

Students who have attended a secondary school with a similar curriculum will generally be placed in a higher class given successful completion of the last class and successful completion of WBS entrance assessment.

Tests in some subject areas such as Mathematics, English and General Studies will be conducted for all applicants into the first year of college.

•Admission to Senior Secondary School

Senior School students in SS1 to SS3 must have successfully completed the National Junior School certification exam, demonstrate proficiency in core subjects as applicable to the faculty of interest ( Science, Social Sciences or Arts) and passed the WBS entrance assessment.

Age between 14 and 17

Academic record review and Class Placement

The Principal or Head Teacher will determine credit allocation, appropriate grade and class placement for students coming from schools with a different academic calendar and grading system. Minimum
academic result is a C grading (score of 65%).

Application Requirements (for Local /Foreign applicants).

Pre-nursery, Nursery and Primary.
•Completed application form.
•Past academic records.
•A copy of child’s birth certificate.
•Four recent coloured passport photographs of the child.
•Two recent coloured passport photographs of the parents.
•Parents’ valid residence/work permit (foreigners).
•Immunization card.

•Completed application form.
•Past academic records (JSCE certificate or Last session’ academic records).
•English translated past academic records (non English speaking schools).
•Copy of child’s certificate or international passport or age declaration document.

Courses / Subjects Offered

We provide a solid foundation to students who are reaching their full potential and are on their way to making a difference in the world.


Working with Parents

Working with Parents is the strategy we adopt in achieving our mission as an institution ordained by God. We believe every child's success is linked to high level of commitment from the school and a strong partnership with Parents.
We encourage our parents to get involved in the academic and social life of the children, through involvement in school events and initiatives. Such initiatives include our learning development programmes, extra curricular activities and sport activities. Our parents are referred to as OUR PARTNERS, we welcome and respect the diversity they offer and the support they give to the school.

What we do ?

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