Extra Curricular Activities
The School aims at providing a wide and balanced Curriculum to meet the academic, social, moral and Spiritual needs of the student.
The School has policies, action plans and schemes of work for all its extra curriculum activities. Extra curriculum activities are organized by the students and staff. Each club or society has a club patron and other support staff that manages the activities of each club.
Student are also compelled to be members in one religious society either Christian or Muslim and to be a member of at least a club. There are more than five (5) different clubs in the school and each meets on Fridays between 1 and 2 o’clock.
Students are given the opportunity to choose their own club, after an orientation on what each club does has being given to them.

Membership Fees
A registration fee is charged by each club and other fees main according to programmes of the club. Club/society member may be asked to pay more for intending project.

Meeting Days
Official meeting days for all clubs is Friday, between 1 -2.00pm. Meeting venue for each club/society are specified on the notice board

List of Clubs
• Literary and Debating Club
• Music/ Choral/ Dance Club
• Junior Engineers/ Science/ JETS
• Press Club
• Ma-o-war/ Girls Guide/ Red cross/ Scouts

• FCS- Fellowship of Christian Student
• MSS- Muslim Student Society

Prefects are given the supervisory role of ensuring the keeping of school rules and regulations. Their role in this respect is essential to ensure peace and well-being of the entire school community.

• To afford student early training and responsibility
• To afford student to acquire organizational ability
• To inculcate leadership qualities.
• To make them appreciate problems of fellow student and make recommendations,

Type of Prefectships
• Class prefect
• School prefects

Class Prefects
These are prefects chosen to represent form Tutors/Subjects Tutors duties while in class or in projects. Such student must be of a good conducts and able to keep the class information and informed.

School Prefects
These are chosen from the senior classes to represent the whole school. They are student of good conduct and ability to rule.
Note: Class prefect or School prefect could be a male or female with outstanding qualities.






Co-curricular Courses

We provide a solid foundation to students who are reaching their full potential and are on their way to making a difference in the world.



Sporting  Activities

Since all works and no play makes jack a dull boy. The school is not just a place for academic pursuit only but where the total life of the child is being guided and moulded. Therefore, certain periods in Wisdom Based Schools are used for outdoor activities e.g Climbing, Running, football, basket ball, handball, merry-go round, swing etc. Parents thus are to notify the school authority if their child(ren), particularly those in the lower classes, are not fit health wise for these activities.


Working with Parents

Working with Parents is the strategy we adopt in achieving our mission as an institution ordained by God. We believe every child's success is linked to high level of commitment from the school and a strong partnership with Parents.
We encourage our parents to get involved in the academic and social life of the children, through involvement in school events and initiatives. Such initiatives include our learning development programmes, extra curricular activities and sport activities. Our parents are referred to as OUR PARTNERS, we welcome and respect the diversity they offer and the support they give to the school.