Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to build the child for exploit. Including, bringing out the talents and aspirations of individual child to light, instill into the child a sense of discipline and responsibility, also to make the child spiritually and morally upright, and above all to prepare the child towards inevitable role in leadership of tomorrow. .

Our Classes Structure

1.       KG - Kindergarten (1.6 - 3years)

2.       Nursery I and II (3 - 5 years)

3.       Basic Section - Comprising: Basic 1 - 6 ( Age 5 - 12years) 



Our Aims and Objectives

To impact the following: Learning to make discoveries; Learning to love; Learning to be independent; Learning to be self confident; Learning to be disciplined; Learning with fun; and above all moulding and refinining the the totality of the child..


Who We Are and what To Expect From Us

WISDOM BASED Nursery and Primary School is structured in a way to enable the child to achieve the lofty aims and objectives for which the school was set up, and to build the child from the cradle to adolescence..We hope and expect that this season will be a wonderful and exciting session for your child. We earnestly hope that our educational approach allow your child to appreciate fully the wonders and excitements of education with the special method reserved for them....

Since all works and no play makes jack a dull boy. The school is not just a place for academic pursuit only but where the total life of the child is being guided and moulded. Therefore, certain periods in the School are used for outdoor activities e.g. Arts, Cultural activities, Running, football, basket ball, handball, merry-go round, swing etc. Parents thus are to notify the school authority if their child(ren), particularly those in the lower class who are not fit health wise for these activities. Teaching Morals and Discipline are one of the first cardinal purposes of establishing Wisdom based Schools. Therefore, we evolve ways and means of giving out regular Instructions to our pupils to make them spiritually and morally appreciate the world problems and aspirations.


Wisdom Based Nursery and Primary School observes the same calendar, published annually by the Lagos State Ministry of Education for Lagos Schools. Parents will be given notice of this and also of terminal holidays in our Bulletin. Wisdom Based Nursery and Primary School opens everyday from 7am to 3.00pm daily Monday to Friday. Staff members some times stay on School premises till 4.00pm to ensure the safety of the kids yet to be collected. NOTE: During the School Session, Parents are not allowed in Class in other not to distract the teachers and pupils… .

SCHOOL FEES>>>> Parents are advice to pay their Child(ren) school fees a week or two before resumption to the Secretary or designated School Bank Account and a copy of the teller must be submitted to the school secretary for issuance of receipt. Incentives are given; To Parents that have more than 4 children in the school and to parent that invite other new parents’ children to the school. Parents should note that, Child(ren) that has not fully settled their School Fees 2 weeks after resumption shall NOT be allowed into the School. .